Bohemia and Moravia – Varieties of the 1939 4K Iron Works Stamp (Michel 34, Scott 36)

  Although the Scott Catalog does not list any varieties for this issue, according to the Deutschland Specialized Catalog for Bohemia and Moravia, this stamp comes in 3 varieties (Michel #34) 34a – schwarzlichgraublau (blackish gray blue) 34b – schwarzlichgrauturkis (blackish gray turquoise) 34c – schwarzblau (black blue) Now these colors seem close, but here is another […]

Bohemia and Moravia 1943 Shifting Red Cross Semi-Postal

The shifting red cross on this stamp reminds me of another set of “shifting red crosses” that exist on an early USA stamp (See this post for the USA Examples). These are on the 1943 Semi-Postal 1.2k + 8.8k (Scott #B21) issued to aid the German Red Cross. The cross is supposed to be just […]