Bulgaria: 1919 Rough Misperf – Tsar Boris III

Bulgaria issued a series of stamps in 1919 featuring their new Tsar: Boris III. Boris took the throne¬†after his father Ferdinand I abdicated after WWI. (Bulgaria had aligned with the Central Powers during WWI) One of my copies of the 15s stamp has quite a misperf, and the perfs are extremely rough.     One […]

Bulgaria: 1879 – 1896 Coat of Arms – Perforation and Color Varities

Bulgaria stamps from 1879 through 1896 all feature a similar coat of arms design, of which, there are a number of different design varieties. My own collection starts with a few issues from 1882. ¬† The design used through 1887 were 2 color designs, whereas the issues from 1889 were single color. Here is a […]