If you are interested in trading with me, you MUST be a member of one of either OR website AND meet the 20 posts / 20 days rule (have been a member for at least 20 days, and have contributed 20 posts to the boards)
If you are not a member of StampBoards (or StampCommunity), join up! - It is a great resource, and an account on one of these sites is required to trade with me.
My trade lots are posted below, as well as in my trading thread on the StampBoards website.  To claim a trade, you do so via the StampBoards thread.


1.  Review my "Want List" page which includes details for what I want in return
2.  Catalog Value - I do not get hung up on specific catalog values, however, do not offer me a bunch of minimum value 1950's commemoratives in exchange for high catalog value items.  Make a Reasonable Trade Offer and I will accept.
3.  Condition - Please view the scans to see the condition of the items I am offering.  My process is very fast and I load stamps in and out of my stockbooks, scan them, and load them in glassines.  I will miss things like pulled perfs, or other small details.  If condition is a concern, view the scan, and adjust your offer accordingly
4. No Lot Splitting  - They are already packed into glassines.  You must take the whole lot.
5.  Multiple Lots  - The more the merrier! - Trade for as many lots as you would like
6.  Sending - Any StampBoarder who has been a member for LESS time than me will need to send first.   In all other cases, I will send my lots as soon as we have agreed on the trade.  (Note:  I have been a member since Nov 05, 2013)
7.  Packaging - I will use modern USA commemorative's on my outgoing package.  Would expect the same as well.  (Let's define Modern as the last 10 years)


Trade Lots