Want List

Read the Trading With Me section to see what I have available for trade.

CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR ITEMS FROM COUNTRIES BEGINNING WITH THE LETTERS A-F (See Below).   Any other countries, stamps issued in the year 1990 and NEWER


  • I prefer Postally Used, CTO, and Mint (Un-Used) – in that order.  Very Strong Preference for Postally Used
  • I collect varieties (flaws, color variations, sheets, blocks, perf variations, etc.
  • The want list you see below is only for countries that I have mounted and inventoried in my system. For these countries, I list each specific Scott Catalog number that I need
  • Not using Scott? – I also list my inventory by Decade and by Year. So, if you notice that for a particular country, I have very few stamps from the 1990’s, you can be sure that offering me a lot of 1990’s stamps will be accepted.
  • Country Showing ZERO – ASK FIRST.   This may be a country that is loaded into my inventory system, but, I have not mounted yet.  Do not assume I have zero stamps from that country
  • Country not listed? I may still be interested, ask me first. But in general, for most countries, my unsorted is probably heavy in pre-1980’s, so would normally generally be interested in 1980’s through the present. Again, always ask as I can take a quick look at what I have.
  • Example Offers:  Could be a list of specific Scott Numbers, or, more general such as “100 different Used Austria from the 1990’s and 2000’s”

Cinderellas, Revenues, Locals, etc.

  • Revenues : Possibly interested
  • Cinderellas : Only Interested IF the “Cinderella” pretends to be a stamp. E.g. has a face value of some kind. This includes Cinderellas from “non-countries”, etc.
  • Any other oddities, I am usually interested


  • I am interested in collecting: 1 Cover from EACH Country I have, then, 1 Cover from EACH YEAR for each country
  • Interested in old and modern covers
  • Prefer non-commercial covers over commercial ones

The following table represents my current want list of countries that I have inventoried.
Clicking on the country name will bring up the full country page with more details and detailed want list.

Any questions – feel free to ask.