Chile 1878 – 1901 Columbus Issue Types

There are a number of design types of the early Chile Columbus issues.   I am missing quite a few, but do have a few examples to share, along with their design varieties.   Columbus was featured on the first Chile stamp in 1853.  My first copy begins in 1867


This design is in 5 denominations, 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c.

Here is my copy of the 5c red.



1878 – 1899 – First Engraving

The first engraving of this series, in demonimations 1c and 2c features colorless ornaments above the “E” and “V” of Centavo.

The 5c-50c denominations have no ornaments and a slightly different design.  In addition, Scott 29 (10c) has both Orange and Yellow colored varieties

1c and 2c feature Ornaments, 5c and 10c do not


Note Ornaments Above E and O


1894 – Second Engraving

In the second engraving, the ornaments are missing.


No Ornaments

1900 – 1901

This taller stamp exists in 2 types of design varieties.


Type 1 shows heavy shading of short horizontal lines below “Chile”.


Heavy Shading under Chile

Type 2 has no shading below “Chile”


No Shading


There are quite a few of these early Columbus issues I am missing, but they do offer a number of interesting varieties.





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