Canada 1964 – 429A – Deformed Maple Leaf Varieties

This stamp, issued in 1964, is the last in a series of 14 stamps featuring provincial flowers and coats of arms.  This final stamp features the Canada Maple Leaf along with the national Canada coat of arms.

Scott 429A - Normal
Scott 429A – Normal

The Unitrade catalog lists a variety of this stamp called the “Deformed Maple Leaf” variety and gives it the number 429Ai.  Scott makes no mention of this variety, nor does Michel.

Scott 429Ai - Deformed Maple Leaf
Scott 429Ai – Deformed Maple Leaf

I inspected the many copies of this stamp that I have and found varying degrees of deformity, primarily in the right portion of the maple leaf.   Since I found quite a few, I would guess that these deformities are fairly common even though Unitrade values the variety at $5 (versus 20c for the normal stamp)

Unitrade may only consider the extreme version of this deformity as the actual variety, but I went ahead and put together this image of the various deformities I have found.

Scott 429A - Various Stages of Deformity
Scott 429A – Various Stages of Deformity

This is an example of why multiple catalogs are helpful.  I would never have examined this stamp so close had I only had access to Scott.



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