1971 Bangladesh Overprints on stamps of Pakistan

Last year I obtained a packet of “500 different” Bangladesh stamps from an online seller.  Much to my surprise, half of these stamps were Pakistani stamps with a Bangladesh overprint.

In 1971, East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan and formed the new country of Bangladesh.  Without postage stamps of their own, they authorized the overprinting of Pakistani stamps for use in Bangladesh.

This was done on a local level (by government offices, banks, and commercial companies), and hundreds of varieties of this overprint (and hundreds more forgeries)

These overprints were authorized from 1971 through 1973.

Attempting to sort my large pile of these stamps was a daunting task.  So, after some research into what others have done, I grouped my stamps into sets of 8 distinct “Types”.


Now – within each of these “Types” the varieties seem endless, but this allowed me to at least mount them in my album in an organized fashion

The groupings I used were as follows:

Type A
 Bengali characters over ENGLISH characters (UPPER CASE)  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeA-BoverE
Type B
 Bengali characters over English characters (Proper Case)  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeB-Bovere
Type C
 Bengali characters only  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeC-BOnly
Type D
 ENGLISH characters only (UPPER CASE)  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeD-EOnly
Type E
 English characters only (Proper Case)  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeE-eOnly
Type F
 ENGLISH characters (UPPER CASE) over Bengali characters  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeF-EoverBOnly
Type G
English characters (Proper Case) over Bengali characters  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeG-eoverBOnly
Type S
“Other Types” (e.g. Boxed characters, etc.)  Bangladesh-OverprintsOnPakistan-TypeS-Other



The overprints exist in a number of basic colors as well, with each of these colors existing in various shades and hues.



My Full Mounted Collection

The below images are of all 9 page

s of my current collection of these stamps.

Other than the classifications listed above, I have yet to analyze or organize them any further.

Likely, a large number of these are forgeries, especially some of the colored ones.  Hopefully in the future I will acquire more, and then be able to do a more thorough study.



Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 1

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 2

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 3

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 4

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 5

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 6

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 7

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 8

Bangladesh - Pakistan Ovpts Page 9

Some additional resources I used while researching these:

Dr. Allen C. Peyser
American Philatelist, April 2013





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