Albania Ahmed Zogu Perforation Varieties

In 1925 Albania released a series of stamps featuring then President Ahmed Zogu (later King Zog).  This definitive series featured 2 designs in various denominations.

This series later was overprinted and surcharged and was in use from 1925 through 1929.

The standard perforation for this series is Perf 13.5, but I came across a few unlisted (in Scott) perforation varieties in this series.

First up is the 10q (Scott #191).   Normal is on the left.  The variety (Perf 13.5×11) is on the right.

This variety, not listed in Scott, is listed in Yvert as YT171c, and is valued roughly 15x higher than the normal perforation size.



Albania - 1925 - Zog 25q Perf Variety



The next example I have found is on the 10q with overprint (#200), and 10q with overprint and 15q surcharge (#240).

The standard perforation of this overprinted series is 13.5×13.   The perforation variety is perf 11.5×11.5

The Michel Catalog lists the 200 variety as MiNr 154B and values it at approx $39.    The 240 variety (surcharged 15q) is noted in Michel but not priced.  MiNr 201

Albania - 1927 and 1929 - 10q ovp perf varieties


And finally, below are a few perforation “freaks” I have in my collection.  These are Scott numbers 188 and 191.

Albania - 1925 - Zog Mis-Perfs


The perforation varieties of early Albania stamps are plentiful, not just in this series but in many others as well.




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