Belgian Congo Stamps with TAXES overprint (

This post originally appeared on the now defunct website:   I had saved a copy for my own reference and am now posting here.  For my own examples of these stamps, see this post .. Including an Inverted Overprint  

The surcharge stamps appeared in 1923. Before, as of 1906, the surcharge was added using the regular stamp, which were then stamped with a special postmark “TAXES” or “TAXE” either with or without cadre and sometimes through the letter “T”. Before 1913 there is no date mark on these stamps, unless by mistake or benevolence.

As of 1912 a uniform stamp was issued to all post offices, a date stamp normally accompanies it. As the stamp with “taxes” signifies a special use, the collect ability has increased either cancelled or mint. Many of the mint stamps were originally surcharged for collectors, although low values were surcharged in the morning and used during the day (an example of such you find at the bottom of the page).

NOTE: Stamps with a reversed overprint are not rare; there is no extra value.


1908. Stamps from 1894 with overprint in blue, black or violet.

TX1 | 5c green (no.16)

TX2 | 10c carmine (no.19)

TX3 | 15c ochre (no.20)

TX4 | 25c blue (no.22)

TX5 | 40c blue-green (no.23)

TX6 | 50c olive (no.25)

TX6A | 1Fr violet (26A)

TX6Aa 1Fr carmine (no.26)

TX6B | 3,50Fr red (no.27)

TX6C | 5Fr carmine (no.28)

TX6D | 10Fr green (no.29)

The series: TX1-5

TX6, (TX6A no photo), TX6Aa, (TX6B no photo).

(TX6C & TX6D no photo)


1909. Stamps from 1st January 1909 with overprint Congo Belge (overprint by hand; locale)

TX7 | 5c green (no.30L)

TX8 | 10c carmine (no.31L)

TX9 | 15c ochre (no.32L)

TX10 | 25c blue (no.33L)

TX10a Typo II

TX11 | 40c blue-green (no.34L)

TX12 | 50c olive (no.35L)

TX13 | 1Fr carmine (36L)

TX14 | 3,50Fr red (37L)

TX15 | 5Fr carmine (38L)

TX16 | 10Fr green (39L)

TX16a perforation 14

The series: TX7, TX8, TX9, TX10

TX11, TX12, TX13 (TX14, TX15 & TX16 no photo)


1909. Stamps from 1st January 1909 with overprint Congo Belge (letterpress printing)

TX17 | 5c green (no.40)

TX18 | 10c carmine (no.41)

TX19 | 15c ochre (no.42)

TX20 | 25c blue, typo I (no.43a)

TX21 | 40c blue-green (no.44)

TX22 | 50c olive (no.45)

TX23 | 1Fr carmine (no.46)

TX24 | 3,50Fr red (no.47)

TX25 | 5Fr carmine (no.48)

TX26 | 10Fr green (no.49). Perforation 12.

The series TX17-TX26:


1909. Stamps from November 1909 “monolingual”.

TX27 | 5c green (no.50)

TX28 | 10c carmine (no.51)

TX29 | 15c ochre (no.52)

TX30 | 50c olive (no.53)

The series TX27-TX30s:


1910. Stamps from 1910. Bilingual: Congo Belge, Belgisch Congo

TX31 | 5c green (no.54)

TX32 | 10c carmine (no.55)

TX33 | 15c ochre (no.56)

TX34 | 25c Blue (no.57)

TX35 | 40c blue-green (58)

TX36 | 50c olive (no.59)

TX37 | 1Fr carmine (no.60)

TX38 | 3Fr red (no.61)

TX39 | 5Fr carmine (no.62)

TX40 | 10Fr green (no.63)

The series, (TX39 no photo):


1915. Stamps from 1915. Bilingual

TX41 | 5c green (no.64)

TX42 | 10c carmine (no.65)

TX43 | 15c green (no.66)

TX44 | 25c blue (no.67)

TX45 | 40c carmine-brown (no.68)

TX46 | 50c light brown (no.69)

TX47 | 1Fr olive (no.70)

TX48 | 5Fr orange (no.71)

The series TX41-TX48:


1921. Stamps from “Recuperation-Mechelen-Boma”

TX49 | 5c on 40c (no.85)

TX50 | 5c on 50c (no.95)

TX51 | 10c on 5c (no.86)

TX52 | 10c on 5c (no.96)

TX53 | 10c on 5c (no.100)

TX54 | 10c on 1Fr (no.101)

TX55 | 15c on 50c (no.87)

TX56 | 25c on 15c (no.88)

TX57 | 25c on 40c (no.97)

TX58 | 25c on 40c (no.102)

TX59 | 25c on 5Fr (no.103)

TX59A 30c on 10c (no.89)

TX69 | 30c on 10c (no.98)

TX61 | 50c on 25c (no.90)

TX62 | 50c on 25c (no.99)

TX62A 1Fr carmine (no.91)

TX62B 3Fr red (no.92)

TX62C 5Fr carmine (no.93)

TX62D 10Fr green (no.94)

The series TX49-TX53:

TX54-TX62B (TX62C-TX62D no photo):


1923. Stamps from 1st February 1923 (Vloors)

TX63 | 10 green (no.107)

TX64 | 15c brown-gray (no.108)

TX65 | 25c red-brown (no.110)

The series TX63-TX65:



No 104 surcharges


An example of a low value that was pre-surcharged and would be sold during the day at the local postoffice:



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