Bulgaria: 1919 Rough Misperf – Tsar Boris III

Bulgaria issued a series of stamps in 1919 featuring their new Tsar: Boris III. Boris took the throne after his father Ferdinand I abdicated after WWI. (Bulgaria had aligned with the Central Powers during WWI)

One of my copies of the 15s stamp has quite a misperf, and the perfs are extremely rough.

Bulgaria-1919-Scott 141-MisPerf



One interesting thing about Boris:   During WWII, even though he allied with Hitler and Axis Powers, he refused to deport the Bulgarian Jews.   It is estimated that this act saved the lives of at least 50,000 Bulgarian Jews.




  1. Nice. I’ve got few similar ones as well. Likely the print quality was quite varying for these.

    Re, czar Boris… When reading a bit of Bulgarian history earlier this year, I was quite surprised to learn that he made Bulgaria was one of the modern European countries back then. Sadly the communists turned back the time when they entered the power. Sigh.


    1. This is probably the reason I am a stamp collector. How else would I have learned of Boris standing up to Hitler and giving him the run-around in order to prevent 50,0000 Bulgarian Jews from being deported?

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