Czechoslovakia 1965/1966 – Views of Towns – Flaws and Varieties

The Czechoslovakia “Views Of Towns” definitive series of 1965 is an extremely common series of stamps and most Czech collections probably contain the complete set.

These are all common minimum value stamps.

I found a few color varieties and, by chance, some design flaws in the 3K value of the set.

The series contains a total of 13 stamps in 2 sizes:

Group 1 – 23x19mm, Perf 11.5×12



These exist in 8 values: 5h, 10h, 20h, 30h, 40h, 50h, 60h, and 1K.   The Scott catalog shows the perfs as 11.5×12, but Michel simply states perf 11.5 for all.

The 5h, 10h, 20h, and 30h were issued in 1965.  The others in 1966.


Group 2 – 30x23mm, Perf 11.5×11



These larger stamps exist in 5 values: 1.2k, 1.6k, 2k, 3k, and 5k.  Again, Scott says perfs are 11.5×11 and Michel simply says 11.5

All 5 of these values were issued in 1965

A few color varieties

Scott 1347 - 20h
Scott 1347 – 20h






Scott 1348 - 30h
Scott 1348 – 30h






Scott 1348B - 50h - More Orange
Scott 1348B – 50h – More Orange








Scott 1348B - 50h - More Yellow
Scott 1348B – 50h – More Yellow








Design Flaws on the 3k – Scott # 1352

By chance, I noticed a few extra ink spots or underinked areas of this particular stamp.  I didn’t go through all of the duplicates of the others in this series but I would expect to find more.  I saved these and here are some images:

Czechoslovakia-1965-1352-1 Czechoslovakia-1965-1352-2 Czechoslovakia-1965-1352-3 Czechoslovakia-1965-1352-4


I am sure more varieties exist of this series.  Anywhere from 60 – 400 Million of these stamps were printed depending on the face value.










  1. The 50h color variety is very common one; seen these a lot. Michel does note that there’s a reprint on phosporescent paper (a similar reprint exists also for 5h stamp). Haven’t checked my stamps to see if the color differences are due to paper differences; maybe I should (but I confess being bit ‘lazy’ with checking paper types on some series, LOL).


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