Colors of the 1977 USA Valley Forge Issue

The 1977 Christmas issue consists of 2 definitive sized stamps, one of which (Scott #1729) is of George Washington praying at Valley Forge. I immediately noticed variations in the colors of his hair, coat and clothing. The catalog doesn’t mention any color differences, but I began to save various copies of this stamp, and you […]

Denmark 1977 Water Lily’s Stamp – Color / Printing Varieties

Always on the lookout for color varieties, I came across some variation in the Denmark 1977 Water Lily’s stamp from the Protection of the Environment set. The color difference appears seems to show missing or underinked green coloring on the lily’s as well as the posthorn. My copy of the correct color stamp is a bit […]

Czechoslovakia 1965/1966 – Views of Towns – Flaws and Varieties

The Czechoslovakia “Views Of Towns” definitive series of 1965 is an extremely common series of stamps and most Czech collections probably contain the complete set. These are all common minimum value stamps. I found a few color varieties and, by chance, some design flaws in the 3K value of the set. The series contains a total […]

Chad – 1961 – Color Shifts and Varieties of Scott #70 – Biltine / Gazelle

One of the things I enjoy most in my collection is keeping “varieties” of stamps as I find them when sorting through the piles as I mount them. “Varieties” to me are most often non-cataloged things but yet still noticible differences in the same copies of a single stamp. I post about them here, for […]

Bulgaria: 1879 – 1896 Coat of Arms – Perforation and Color Varities

Bulgaria stamps from 1879 through 1896 all feature a similar coat of arms design, of which, there are a number of different design varieties. My own collection starts with a few issues from 1882.   The design used through 1887 were 2 color designs, whereas the issues from 1889 were single color. Here is a […]