Albania Komitetit Te Qindreses On 1944 Cover (First Set)

A great find I was able to snag in an eBay auction for a large Albania collection that included this cover bearing the first 4 stamps of the “Exile Government” (Komitetit Te Qindreses) stamp series. This is only the 3rd cover from the period I know about, the first one I was able to purchase, […]

Another Churchill FDC with Komitetit Te Qindreses Stamp Attached

In addition to these previous 4 covers, I acquired another Churchill FDC cover showing Scott #1264 along with Komitetit Te Qindreses #11B (Perf 14). This cover is an “ArtCraft” cachet cover.  ArtCraft has been producing covers since 1939 and is still producing them today.    

Komitetit Te Qindreses Stamps on Churchill & FDR First Day Covers (USA)

The Komitetit Te Qindreses stamps were issued well before the death of Winston Churchill (and probably shortly after the death of FDR). Churchill would die on January 24th 1965, and the US Issued a commemorative stamp in his honor on May 13th 1965.   The First Day Covers for this Churchill Issue (US Scott #1264) […]

Komitetit Te Qindreses – More Perforation Freaks

Here are a few more perforation freak examples I have acquired.   The 3 blocks of 18A are nearly identical to those I posted in this post.   This does make it seem that these were purposefully created since the dimensions are nearly the same. The #11A horizontal pair, imperf between is new.   All […]

Komitetit Te Qindreses – More Dealer Promo Cards – Mystic, Zenith, and National Stamp

A few more items of interest to my Albania Komitetit Te Qindreses collection. Here are 2 dealer cards.   The first from Zenith Stamp company, in a different font than the 2 previous dealer cards I have from them. The Second is from “National Stamp Sales” out of New York     Below is an […]

Komitetit Te Qindreses – Series 2 & 3 – Air Relief Drops and Figures of Freedom

This series, issued in the late 1940’s (numbers 5 – 8) features air drop scenes. I have some paper varieties of these, as well as some blocks. In addition, I acquired a full sheet of 50 of the Series 3 Figures of Freedom Stamp        

Komitetit Te Qindreses – Committee of the Resistance – Albania Fantasy Series 1940’s – 1960’s

Background April 7th of 1939, Italy invades Albania and by April 12th, Albania capitulated, King Zog fled for Greece and the Albanian Parliament had offered the crown to Italian King Victor Emmanuel III.  This created an environment that led to the rise of many Albanian “Resistance” organizations.  First against the Italians, then the Germans, and […]

Albania Komitetit Te Qindreses – Partial Proofs

Came across this interesting item listed for sale by a Swiss Auction House. This interesting set appears to contain “proofs” of both the first set of 4 as well as the second “1952 overprinted” set of 4, with only the centers printed. The country name and values and borders are missing. Unfortunately the auction house […]