2 More Colombian Retardo Overprints

In this previous post, I showed my first example of of the bogus 1921 Retardo Overprints that appeared on Colombian stamps due to the efforts of an enterprising postal clerk.

I have since added 2 more examples to my collection.

The first is a Retardo 1921 Overprint on Scott #363.  This is overprint Type III (see previous post)

Scott #363 with Retardo 1921 Overprint Type III
Scott #363 with Retardo 1921 Overprint Type III

Type III has a different R than Types I and II.


The second new example I have is overprinted: “Retardo” vertically without the “1921”.  According to the article, these were done in 1919 and were overprinted using a typewriter:

initially 2c red stamps of 1908 and of 1917 were surcharged by Remington typewriter. These were issued in 1919 and will be covered by a future article.

Scott #341 Retardo Overprint (1919)
Scott #341 Retardo Overprint (1919)


Now I can’t fully tell if this was done by a typewriter or not, but the overprint is blue in color.





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