Denmark Definitives Part 4 – “Caravel?” Ship Series

Ship 1927 Perf 14x14.5 Typo
Ship 1927 Perf 14×14.5 Typo

In 1927 and continuing through 1940, Denmark issued a set of stamps featuring a ship called a “Caravel” according to both Scott and Michel.  The Facit catalog just refers to it as “Skepp” (or “Ship”).

Here is the thing though…I don’t think this ship is a Caravel.  The Caravel was a Portuguese ship, however, this is some “type” of Caravel.  Maybe someone who knows more about Denmark naval history could provide some answers.

We can group these stamps into 3 basic groups:

  • Group 1 – 1927 – Perf 14×14.5, solid background printed Typo
  • Group 2 – 1933-1934 – Perf 13, quadrille background engraved – Design “Type I”
  • Group 3 – 1933 – 1940 – Perf 13, quadrille background engraded – Design “Type II”

The 3 groups a very easy to distinguish.  The first type you really don’t even have to measure the perfs.  Just look at the background color and you will note that it is solid, where the later types are engraved.

Typo versus Engraved
Typo versus Engraved

Design Types

The 2 design types (Group 2 and 3) are distinguished by looking at the left side of the ship and checking how many vertical lines of dots are between it and the frame:

Caraval Type I and II
Caraval Type I and II

Type I stamps have 2 vertical lines of dots, and Type II stamps have a single vertical line of dots.

Additional Varieties

Facit details a number of additional varieties of these stamps in their catalog.  A few of them are pretty easy to spot and are fairly common.  Here are some closeups:

Hook on Mast Variety
Hook on Mast Variety

Large Jewels in Crown vs Small Jewels in Crown
Large Jewels in Crown vs Small Jewels in Crown

The premiums for these varieties are fairly minimal but they are a nice addition to your collection.

The Hook on Mast Variety exists on the 15o Red and 15o Green Type II Stamps.

The small jewels in crown variety exists on the 15o Red Type II









  1. I don’t know why I didn’t discover earlier your blog/web site about your WW collecting quest. !! Good stuff too- like the the different varieties of Caravels here.

    Eric- if it is O.K. with you, I will add your blog link to my “Most Interesting blog and websites” list I keep for those interested in WW collecting.

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    1. Hi Jim – thanks! – Would love a link! – I check out your blog often, it is quite an achievement you have put together.

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