Denmark 1977 Water Lily’s Stamp – Color / Printing Varieties

Always on the lookout for color varieties, I came across some variation in the Denmark 1977 Water Lily’s stamp from the Protection of the Environment set. The color difference appears seems to show missing or underinked green coloring on the lily’s as well as the posthorn. My copy of the correct color stamp is a bit […]

Denmark 1947 Locomotives – Facit Types I and II

The 1947 Locomotives issue of Denmark commemorating the Centenary of the State Railways has a few interesting design types that are noted in the Facit Catalog but not mentioned in Scott or Michel. The series contains 3 stamps.  A 15o, 20o, and 40o each featuring a locomotive from various eras. The first 2 values, according […]

Denmark Definitives Part 5 – Small National Coat of Arms – Varieties and Types

The small national coat of arms series (Scott refers to it as Small State Seal) began in 1946 and continues through at least 2010. There is not a ton of varieties in this issue, but I do note a few interesting things with them. For starters, these stamps were printed on 2 different paper varieties, […]

Denmark Definitives Part 4 – “Caravel?” Ship Series

In 1927 and continuing through 1940, Denmark issued a set of stamps featuring a ship called a “Caravel” according to both Scott and Michel.  The Facit catalog just refers to it as “Skepp” (or “Ship”). Here is the thing though…I don’t think this ship is a Caravel.  The Caravel was a Portuguese ship, however, this […]

Denmark Definitives Part 3 – The Wavy Lines Numeral Issue 1905 – 2010

The Denmark Wavy Lines Numeral series is one of the longest running series of same-design definitive stamps from any country other than Norway (who holds the record with their Posthorn series which began in 1872 and continues through today!) The Denmark series first began in 1905, and the latest issues on record are (I believe) […]

Denmark Definitives Part 2 – Arms 2 Numeral Issue of 1882 – 1907

In 1882 Denmark issued a new series of definitive stamps featuring 2 numerals centered by the coat of arms. This issue exists in a number of varieties and values. The first issue in 1882 of 5o Green and 20o Blue are the high catalog value stamps ($70 to $100 each).   These stamps are distinguished […]

Denmark Definitives Part 1 – Bi-Color Numeral Issues of 1870 – 1904

My collection of Denmark Definitives begins with the Bi-Color Numeral Issues from 1870 through 1904. These stamps come in a number of challenging varieties, especially the “Inverted Frame” variety that exists on most of the stamps.  This variety is poorly illustrated in all 3 of my catalogs (Scott, Michel and Facit) The stamps come in […]