Barranquilla Local on Half Cover

When you keep your eye on eBay long enough, you can always find oddities that will add interesting pieces to your collection.

1/2c Barranquilla Local on piece

If you are a “purist” – Then, maybe this kind of fun isn’t for you.  However, if you enjoy the oddities of philately, including, things that were obviously contrived and faked, then sources of material will be never ending.

Stick to a handful of topics, and you can snag interesting stuff fairly cheaply.

Take for instance, the”half cover” containing a Barranquilla Cinderella stamp from the 1920’s.   The postmark reads 1924, but, the local 1/2c Cinderella that was undoubtedly later applied, franks this “half cover” with no address, and nothing on the back.

The stamp itself, was probably applied and cancelled later:


The cancel over the stamp reads:

“Anulada Camara de Comercio”

Which would translate to something like:

“Cancelled Chamber of Commerce”

This matches well with the topic of the stamp (See this original article) which is the “Beautification of Barranquilla”

To  – date, this is the first on-piece example of this particular stamp that I have found.


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