Chad – 1961 – Color Shifts and Varieties of Scott #70 – Biltine / Gazelle

One of the things I enjoy most in my collection is keeping “varieties” of stamps as I find them when sorting through the piles as I mount them.

“Varieties” to me are most often non-cataloged things but yet still noticible differences in the same copies of a single stamp.

I post about them here, for a few reasons.  One is to document these items for myself, and second is I can’t tell you how often I google search for things like this and nothing comes up.   So, maybe even a single reader will, like me, keep these “varieties” and see that others do as well.

The stamp below is Chad, Scott #70 and is part of the Animals and Villages series from Chad issued in 1961.

This stamp features the village of “Biltine” in eastern Chad as well as an outline of a Gazelle.

Example 1: Color shift and fuzzy black letters


Example 2: Poor printing of the green (white showing through)

Example 3: Extremely fuzzy printing, darker green.

Example 4: Selvage marks from the sheet.


Example 5: Plate Number in the left selvage


I keep each of these in my collection and always add to them as new differences appear.   A minimum catalog value stamp which is plentiful and exists probably in most Chad collections.


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