1927-1928 Barranquilla Local Labels and Paquebot Covers


I came across 2 Colombia Barranquilla stamps that are unlisted and appear to be some sort of local label or local charity / tax stamp of some kind. Both are denominated 1/2c and share a common center design with different inscriptions. Issue #1 : Barranquilla Defense Board This first stamp is inscribed “Junta de Defensa de […]

Colombia: 1948 Postal Tax Overprint on Postal Savings Stamp – Perfs


In 1948, Colombia overprinted a set of 1942 Postal Savings stamps with the phrase: “Colombia Sobretasa 1 Centavo”   This roughly translates to “Colombia Surcharge 1 Cent” The Postal Savings Stamps, inscribed: “Banco Postal de Colombia Ahorro Postal” which translates to “Post Bank Colombia, Postal Savings” Postal Savings stamps were purchased by an individual as […]

Colombia: “Industry” Stamps 1932-1951. Printings, Unlisted Varieties, and Flaws


In 1932, Colombia issued a series of stamps featuring various industries.   New designs were introduced in 1935 and 1939, and many of the designs went through various printings through different printing companies. I don’t have many of the examples noted, but have added images of those I do possess. During this period, for these […]

Colombia – 1921 Retardo Overprint on 2c Narino Stamp of 1917


Starting in 1886, Colombia began using stamps inscribed “Retardo”  on mail to charge for items that had missed normal collection. In 1914 this practice was discontinued and the last legit stamps with the overprint were issued.   These stamps are listed as Scott Numbers I1 through I7 in the back of the Colombia catalog. However, […]