Colombia: “Industry” Stamps 1932-1951. Printings, Unlisted Varieties, and Flaws


In 1932, Colombia issued a series of stamps featuring various industries.   New designs were introduced in 1935 and 1939, and many of the designs went through various printings through different printing companies. I don’t have many of the examples noted, but have added images of those I do possess. During this period, for these […]

Colombia – 1921 Retardo Overprint on 2c Narino Stamp of 1917


Starting in 1886, Colombia began using stamps inscribed “Retardo”  on mail to charge for items that had missed normal collection. In 1914 this practice was discontinued and the last legit stamps with the overprint were issued.   These stamps are listed as Scott Numbers I1 through I7 in the back of the Colombia catalog. However, […]

Cyprus – Postal Tax Stamps of 1974-2008, and the 1984 font type differences


The Cyprus Postal Tax stamps used starting in 1974 and through today were, according to Scott, for the “Refugee Fund” In the Scott Catalog, after the 1984 Issue (RA4), Scott notes “There are two types of No. RA4″.  Unfortunately, Scott does not elaborate further. The Michel Catalog comes to the rescue with Zypern #4 in […]

1971 Bangladesh Overprints on stamps of Pakistan


Last year I obtained a packet of “500 different” Bangladesh stamps from an online seller.  Much to my surprise, half of these stamps were Pakistani stamps with a Bangladesh overprint. In 1971, East Pakistan broke away from Pakistan and formed the new country of Bangladesh.  Without postage stamps of their own, they authorized the overprinting […]

Chile – Color and Watermark Varieties of the 1934-1953 Airmail Series


The set of stamps, Chile Airmails of Scott Type AP4 and AP9 were first issued in a series that ran from 1934-1939. A second unwatermarked series was issued 1944-1955, and a final series with different colors issued in 1951-1953. In addition to the cataloged color and watermark varieties, there are also quite a few color […]

Albania Ahmed Zogu Perforation Varieties


In 1925 Albania released a series of stamps featuring then President Ahmed Zogu (later King Zog).  This definitive series featured 2 designs in various denominations. This series later was overprinted and surcharged and was in use from 1925 through 1929. The standard perforation for this series is Perf 13.5, but I came across a few unlisted […]

Komitetit Te Qindreses – Committee of the Resistance – Albania Fantasy Series 1940’s – 1960’s


Background April 7th of 1939, Italy invades Albania and by April 12th, Albania capitulated, King Zog fled for Greece and the Albanian Parliament had offered the crown to Italian King Victor Emmanuel III.  This created an environment that led to the rise of many Albanian “Resistance” organizations.  First against the Italians, then the Germans, and […]

Albania Komitetit Te Qindreses – Partial Proofs


Came across this interesting item listed for sale by a Swiss Auction House. This interesting set appears to contain “proofs” of both the first set of 4 as well as the second “1952 overprinted” set of 4, with only the centers printed. The country name and values and borders are missing. Unfortunately the auction house […]

My First Post


My first post to my new site. Basically, I setup this site to do a few things: 1. Easily store and publish my want lists. 2. Back-end tracking of my inventory 3. Publishing information, images, and articles that I either come across, or put together